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BOH Project Phase 2


We have been able to make the Bag of Hope, which today is the largest canvas bag in the world. We are currently working on the second phase of this project.

The next phase of the Project entails:

  • The designing of the BOH handles by world leaders
  • The designing of the BOH itself by children and young people.

In commencing the next phase of the BOH Project, we will be sending the BOH handles to selected world leaders (presidents, prime ministers, members of parliament, governors, mayors, senators, etc.) to design the handles with their flag patches as well as append their signatures on the BOH. The essence of this exercise is to:

  1. Create a resounding global awareness on the recent issues that confront children and young people in different parts of the world.
  2. Reiterate leaders’ commitment to the plight of children and young people, thereby encouraging them to re-visit their policies on the rights of children and young people so that more favourable laws and policies would be made, while appropriate immediate actions would be taken to save more children.

The two handles of the BOH will be designed by Presidents, Prime Ministers, Governors, Members of Parliaments, Mayors, etc. The handle of the BOH is to be designed by participating world leaders to affirm their commitment to alleviating the deplorable plight of children and young people in their various countries. The involvement of leaders is symbolic, for the leaders to hold the BOH by the handle in a bid to lift all children out of poverty and create equal opportunities for children and young people irrespective of their background and circumstances.

We are very excited about involving children and young people from different parts of the world in this project.

In this phase of the project, we intend to achieve two goals:

  1. To serve as a morale booster to the thousands of participating children and young people, while giving these participants the opportunity to break the world record of creating the LARGEST SEQUINS MOSAIC in the world. We are currently working with the Guinness World Record to make this a successful attempt.
  2. To serve as an avenue for raising funds, as the designing exercise progresses, in order to help the less-privileged children and young people.

Details of the Design Process:

Children and other young people from different parts of the world will have the opportunity to stick (glue) sequins on the bag in a poignant way of emphasising the united front placed by children internationally on the right to a better life. This aspect is quite interesting as we will use this exercise to put smiles on many children’s faces. Each child will receive a record breaker award STICKER/BADGE for participating in designing the Bag of Hope i.e. making the Largest Sequins Mosaic in the world..

How we intend to work this aspect out:

We have already made the sketch of a design on the BOH. This design has been cut out from another canvas material. We plan to send these shapes to participating countries where children and young people will have the opportunity of putting a sequin motif each on the shape available to their country (every motif will represent the finger of a child).

Towards the end of this exercise, all the shapes will start to arrive from different countries into the United Kingdom. Towards the end of this project, we will be holding a big event to conclude the project and all these shapes will be brought together and sewn to the BOH.  We will be celebrating the success of the project and announcing the success of our fund raising venture.  All participating schools and youth groups will receive certificates of participation while all participating children and young people will get an award badge each for their achievement.